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About Us:


NSW Steel & Glass Design has over 27 years of experience in Creating Beautiful Railing Systems and Complete Staircases. We specialize in all types of Railings & Stairs ranging from aluminum, Stainless Steel to Mild Steel. Railings from pickets to frame less glass . We offer a wide variety of products & Services: Railings (Interior/Exterior),Stairs(Interior/Exterior), Glass Shower enclosures & Custom Glass Projects. We offer extensive knowledge and expertise for those looking for the latest styles and looks, as well for those looking to maintain the integrity and beauty of their existing home.

The team of installers at NSW Steel & Glass Design INC. uses superior products and offer European quality workmanship. We work to build long term relationships with everyone from premier builders to homeowners. All products used by our team incorporate both strength and safety complying with all Manitoba Building Code requirements as well as Municipal policies.


About Stainless Steel


Under the often used "generic term" stainless steel is defined as "non rusting metals", which is divided in several groups of materials in various compositions and names and have a high corrosion resistance. Stainless steel is an architecturally sophisticated material and the material produces a high purity and prevails over any railing systems, it is a real eye-catcher.

Stainless Steel group 304 (eg 1.4301, chromium content is at least 10.2%,)  is generally resistant to corrosion, but under certain influences only partially used: stainless steel railing systems / structures made ​​of 304 should not interfere with , road salt and subsequently environmental factors. Here are areas meant, for example, where road salt, various construction materials (including cement and lime), chloride, acids, etc. are used. Because of the higher resistance to these environmental factors 316 should be used. These are built, in which the chromium / nickel content is supplemented with molybdenum. This would include kitchens, salty water, marine, swimming pools and salt water applications in coastal areas. 

 when stainless steel is processed, its mandatory to respect the fact that tools that have been used prior on mild steel, are not suitable for stainless steel use. Metal dust and iron filings can not interfere with stainless steel alloys and applications otherwise the corrosion resistance can not be guaranteed. Welds shall be stripped in order to restore the surface cleanliness. For adhesive joints (eg pipe connector / fittings), the surface must be thoroughly cleaned before stainless steel railing system components are stored together in any case with iron.


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